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Guest speaker John Fieldsend joins scouts via zoom

Date: 15th May 2020 Author: Kyrlie Clement

John Fieldsend, holocaust survivor and kinder transport child, met with both scout groups via zoom. At 88, his history is an inspiration to us all as he brought what WWII was like alive to us all. He shared his life story as a Jewish child living in Germany and the effects Hitler rallies had on his friendships and family. At the age of 7 he arrived in Britain with his brother, as kinder transport child. The scouts were engaged in asking about this time: what it was like being so young; how he traveled to a place foreign to him; how living in Britain compared to Germany in the war; what happened to his parents. It was hard-hitting to hear how all his family was lost to the holocaust and messages they left to their boys at this time. He is an incredible man and shared with us a message of hope and forgiveness, linking to our key values of tolerance and inclusion in a better world.












Comments from parents following the zoom meeting:

Wow what a fabulous man, that puts in to perspective how easy staying at home with your family is! Thank you for organising.

The year 9s are doing this very topic at school. Could not be more timely and very emotional to hear a first hand account- yes, really does put things in perspective. Thank you.

Still in pieces…….

Both boys really got a lot out of listening to his amazing story. Thank you to John

Really enjoyed listening to that first hand account it’s a rare thing to get that experience thanks again.

V powerful- thank you.

He is an incredible person.

Thank you very much for organising tonight: a very moving story and an inspirational man.

What an inspirational life story John has – thank you all who arranged and please thank John

Huge thank you – what an amazing man

Would love to meet him in person when we’re allowed!

He is an incredible person. I know u will thank him but please let him know what a positive impact he has made on us all tonight and thank him for braving zoom – he did tremendously and we r so lucky to have been able to hear him talk.

It was fantastic, my son has been really fed up the last week and feeling very Sorry for himself and this has really made him realised how lucky he is and he apologised for behaviour! He now wants to learn more about the war so that’s this weeks homeschool sorted! Did want to ask if he went on to have his own family? 

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls